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We are a leading Project consultancy, Construction and Procurement services provider. We undertake large industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects for public and private customers and in the oil and gas industry.

About Us

AIC  is committed to delivering high quality services to our clients without compromising on the safety and protection of the environment. In executing our projects, we shall comply with industry rules and standards and strife to satisfy our clients and our stakeholders.
We have carefully assembled a team of highly trained and experience personnel to manage our business operation whether onsite or remotely .

Project Gallery

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Our Expertise


Our expertise cuts across Civil Construction, Welding/Fabrication, Fitting (House Boats, Tug boats & Oil Vessels etc), Portable Cabins Production, Procurement/Supplies(Marine, Oil/Gas Consumables & Equipment.) Equipment Leasing and Logistics services.   AIC provide cutting edge solution to your corporate and industrial needs.

Our Community

It is the policy of  AIC  to conduct business activities in a responsible and ethical manner that does not harm people or the environment.  AIC will facilities this policy through a health safety and environment (HSE) management system. AIC is a responsible corporation committed to the health and safety of people and the preservation of the environment. W e firmly believe that this commitment adds value to our customer and employees.